A Day In My Life

It will come as no surprise that as a mum of 4, everyday is different and comes with its own unique challenges. Sometimes? Even my best laid plans can go to shit but when they don’t? I’m usually having a pretty awesome time. That or a not-so-exciting boredom fest.
Below is a recount of a Typical Week Day in the life of me…
Morning: My day starts from anywhere between 4:30am and 7am. If it’s 7am, it means I’m late and my day is guaranteed to be shit so we’ll go for 4:30am..
I can’t function in the morning until I’ve had my first cup of tea of the day which will be shortly after I’ve settled Edward on the couch with milk and Paw Patrol. By 5am I’m ready to take on the day, sort of.
I’ll start off by checking Emails, catching up on social media, replying to people’s comments and making blog notes. After that, I’ll start any research needed for projects/articles I’ve been asked to write. Take notes, file and prep to continue later in the day.
6am. This is where I catch up on housework or doing things that will make my life easier later, such as preparing Edwards Lunch and everyone’s evening dinner. I double check uniform, bags & kit. Consult my reminders in case I’m forgetting a £1 PTA fundraiser donation and, if I’m lucky, I’ll sneak another hot tea before..
7am. Waking the kids. (Except Ed of course, who’s been up since the arse crack of dawn with me) it’s a very military routine; I flick on their lights and shout “get up, time for school! – Move, Move, MOVE!” Works every time. By the time they’re dressed it’s
7:30am. Breakfast time. I usually make whatever they want; toast, pancakes, bacon, porridge or cereal, with some fruit and a glass of OJ. Charlie battles through eating a single square of toast before insisting he’s full. Ellie & Jordan will no doubt argue about who is breathing whose air and Edward would have deposited 90% of his meal on the floor no sooner than it was put on his plate. Breakfast time is CARNAGE!
8am, I’ll find a way to sneak upstairs unnoticed so I can put some make up on my Casper looking face and hopefully run a brush through my 3-days-unwashed-hair. I’ll get half dressed before one or all 4 children are knocking my bedroom door to tell me they’ve lost a sock (damn it)
I pull on my usual Primark leggings, a clean top and some comfy flats. Getting out the door for
8:30am – I walk everywhere. So walking the kids to school for 20 minutes is usually a breeze, providing there are no puddles, dogs or cats along the way that are going to drive Charlie to distraction.
9:30am – by now I’ve dropped everyone off, picked up milk from the shop, got home with Edward and had a nice cup of tea. So now, me & Edward will either cook something creative, practice his speech therapy, read, draw or play with whatever toys are lying around before he finally repents and dozes off around
11:30am – Now Edward is settled I can get on with some work, I write blog posts, catch up with sponsored posts, organise and file, schedule social media, reply to emails, check out upcoming events and conferences and update my Diaries. I’m constantly making notes for new posts/projects or  upcoming events and always on the look out for new ideas. I usually work 2-3 months in advance so at the moment I’m working on Dec-Jan.
2pm: I use my final hour to tidy up the house, get clothes and kit ready for tomorrow, plan my afternoon/evening routine and get Edward ready for pick up at
3pm – collecting the kids from school is easier said then done, Edward is usually trying to escape from his buggy the entire way there and Charlie has nearly always taken up residence hiding under a table and refusing to come home. By the time we do make it back it’s
4pm – time to cook dinner, plate up and make sandwiches for tomorrow. Next we’ll read with Charlie, sign homework Diaries, check homework is completed, the older kids will do their chores I'll and run a bath for the younger one
5pm – Edward & Charlie have a bath now to save time later on. I tidy up upstairs while Ellie watches them. I’ll get them dressed, give Edward some milk, read a story Then it’s
6:15pm – time to take Jordan Kickboxing for an hour. In between watching him train, I use this time to do Toms admin, so I'll be emailing clients, chasing Invoices, filing tax accounts etc. 
7:20pm – When we get home, we settle the children to bed, read another story and hopefulyl everyone is asleep (or getting there) for
8:00pm – Tom and I will now go through work plans and discuss upcoming jobs. Once Toms work is wrapped up, I'll get back to mine and continue in to the night. Somewhere along the way I'll squeeze in a bath and some dinner before finally passing out on the couch around midnight. 
Hayley-Jayne Xx
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