Tea Is Officially A Food Group

*not officially, officially – except in my house.
In a world where I’m forever shown pictures of perfectly prepared meals, articles on the importance of eating 3 meals a day and advice on getting my diet just right, I try my hardest to comply.
I spend roughly £100 a week on grocery shopping and I cook 90% of the meals we eat from scratch. We eat lots of “filling” meals, lots of veg, lots of pasta and lots of chicken. Yet I’m a typical busy mom who complains that I don’t have time to eat. And sometimes? I genuinely don’t.
So what do I do instead? I have a cup of tea. When everyone else in my house is chowing down on the breakfast I’ve cooked for them, I’m sipping on tea. When the little ones are snacking on crackers & crisp bread, I’m drinking tea. When there’s no bread left for a midday sandwich? Tea! Hunger pangs? Tea! Stressed? Tea!
I drink so much of it, it has become an official food group. If it wasn’t for tea I’m convinced I would have wasted away many years ago. Tea is literally LIFE.
Even Tom has started to notice my obsession getting slightly out of hand; the several empty cups that fill the sink every evening is a sure give away. As is the new “tradition” where it is now his duty to make me a tea as soon as he walks through the door (and he does, every day without fail) he knows what brand I like, my favourite cup and exactly the correct amount of sugar I take.
If I’m sad, hungry or stressed he knows tea will fix it.
Yeah, I know too much is bad for me, I know I should at least reduce the sugar I put in it. I know I should eat 3 meals a day, but seriously? How do I find the time? It’s a good half an hour to 45 minutes out of my day to prepare, cook and eat a meal. Times that by 3 and I’ve easily lost two whole hours! Tea is quick and convenient. 
You can sip it as you go. Like on the school run, or having a pee, or inbetween transfering wash loads from washer to dryer. Easy. It doesn’t take up time nor does it require much effort.
Even now as I write this, I’m drinking tea to fill the gap missed by not having breakfast or lunch. I’m starving but too busy to cook, I need to collect the kids and change Edwards sh*tty nappy.
I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there who survives on tea, who has tried countless times to eat right, yet time vanishes and suddenly it’s afternoon pick up again. I’m certain many moms would agree, tea is an official food group and no amount of meal planning will convince us otherwise. 
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