10 Joys Of A 2 Year Old Boy

1. Just before their 2nd birthday, little boys (and probably girls) decide this is the perfect time to stop taking naps during the day. In fact, they give up on sleep pretty much all together. 10pm can roll around and they’ll still be causing carnage in every room.
2. They also feel 5am is the preferable time to wake up and start with their carnage creating ways. Even in winter, when still pitch black outside, a two year old will still be at your bedside, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at bang on 5am.
3. They Suddenly Hate All the foods they once loved. They no longer like porridge for breakfast, will only eat the ham out of their sandwich and spag-Bol is now simply something they find funny to chuck at walls.
4. The sudden obsession with Thomas The Tank Engine begins. And let me tell you, those little trains are stupid expensive! Be prepared to add an extra £20 to any bill from any shop you enter that sells them. You will also end up with 1652 of the exact same Thomas train from the thousands of take-along play sets you’re forced to buy.
5. They are always naked! Partly because you’re in the middle of potty training (that is failing miserably) but also because they just can’t be bothered to wear clothes. On minute they’re dressed in a dead cute outfit, the next, they’re at the front door greeting the postman with his toddger out.
6. They become incredibly cleaver. Like, figuring out how to undo the stair gate so they can escape. Or using a potty as a stepping stool to climb over it. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can keep a two year old contained. 
7. They give the BEST cuddles. Ok, so they might be at 5am when you really don’t want to be awake or they might even be at 11pm when you’re desperate for them to go to sleep but what ever the time, you’re guaranteed to get some epic cuddles. Those ones that come from absolutely no where? They’re the best.
8. They have suddenly developed a sense of humour. You could be happily sat watching Bubble Guppies and suddenly he’ll burst out laughing at something he’s found funny. They also LOVE to make other people laugh and will do random crazy dance moves in your lounge or suddenly break out into a spontaneous game of peek-a-boo in the middle of Tesco.
9. They have the WORST tantrums. Just last night, Edward was told to stop pushing the potty around the hardwood floor. He flung it over the stair gate, sat himself in the corner then proceeded to bawl for a full 45 minutes face-down into my fluffy rug. He threw his milk at me, bopped his dad on the head and got quite angry at his half eaten biscuit he had left on the floor.
10. Watching them grow is the best feeling in the world. At the age of two, there are still so many “firsts” to discover. Lots of new words, they may learn to count, play along to nursery rhymes. They walk independently, discovered new likes and dislikes. One of the biggest joys is that no two days are ever the same with a two year old.

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