Champion Dads

As mothers, sometimes we can say we are often over looked – we do pretty much all that needs doing to keep our home and family running smoothly and often feel under appreciated. We just seem to fade into the background like the motor that works a machine, we are rarely seen for the fantastic job we do but nothing would work without us.
However, perhaps men also don’t get enough credit for their part in family life. I mean, when you look at it, the man of the house himself is often more over looked than us mothers.
We have to hand it to them, although they can be pretty useless at being men, most are pretty damn good dads and here’s why:
1. They are the threat that all children fear (in a good way)
Nothing quite gets the kids to pay attention like saying “you just wait until your dad gets home!” or “carry on like this and I’m calling your father!” They literally stop dead in their tracks and sincerely question their own behaviour. Dads are mums No1 parenting tool. Fact. And it isn't because children are afraid of them, it's because dads are ace and children don't like to disappoint. 
2. They work hard to provide for us. 
Yes, I know most mothers work too, but so does he! And usually in a hard grafting job. I’m lucky really that my work involves a desk and a computer, I certainly couldn’t plaster walls all day or erect fencing, guttering, scaffolding etc. These chaps quite literally work themselves to the bone to be able to help provide nice things for the family. And what do they ask for in return? Usually just a pint in the pub on a Friday evening.
3. They are the disciplinarian. 
When the kids are playing up who steps in? Dad. When the kids won’t eat their dinner who makes them? Dad. When they are non stop fighting with siblings who breaks it up? Dad. When they won’t go to sleep who makes them? Yep, Dad! If it wasn’t for Tom being the disciplinarian in my house I would have lost my mind years ago! He’s the only one who can get Charlie to eat and the only one Ellie & Jordan listen to when they’re bored of hearing me shout. Dads are ace!
4. They are the cuddly teddy bear no money can buy.
Sometimes kids just need their dad. When they’re having a tough day or feeling ill, daddy always seems to have the magic that sometimes mums can’t provide. For example; When they’re ill, both Charlie and Edward love me looking after them and making a fuss but when Tom gets home they just want to snuggle into him and fall asleep. The teddy bear tummy no doubt has something to do with it, but mostly it’s because dads provide protection & comfort that is sometimes different from a mothers.
5. They’re funny little creatures. 
When in the mood, dads can be hilarious! There’s nothing like seeing your child happy to see his daddy who then plays silly tickle fight games creating those fits of laughter where no sound comes out! Theres nothing like seeing the “best mate” bond between father and son or the loving protection of father and daughter.
6. They don’t really complain. Well, not that much. 
I don’t know, I mean women are always moaning about our men moaning but are they really moaning? Or just trying to get you to comfort him about his day? Like you do when you need him to take the reins of the kids for an hour. You see,  men need a bit of love too. Sometimes, although it doesn’t always feel like it, they really appreciate that cup of hot tea when they get in. Or the bath you run and the evening meal you cook. Sometimes they too, just need a bit of time out and to be cared for and appreciated.
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What does your partner do to be a champion dad? Tell me in the comments below what you could’t live without him doing.
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