Why I Don't Touch Drugs

I think it’s really sad that literally everyone I meet has taken or is still using drugs to some extent. I have never met anyone who hasn’t at least tried it once. Except for me.
I can honestly say I have never touched any sort of drugs ever in my life and I have no intention of ever doing so.
Now, some people think I’m being boring and miserable, which is fine. If they want to think that, that’s up to them, I won’t change. But let me tell you two reasons, well more like, situations as to why I don’t and won’t ever take drugs.
First of all I am a mother. And these possible situations reflect that.
“…picture the scene; you’ve had a rough week. Your ex is being unreasonable, your boss is a douche and your kids have driven you mad. Friday night comes and your friends ask you to go for a night on the town. You jump at the chance and quickly call for a babysitter, get changed into your best dress and call a taxi to join your friends. The night is going well. You’re dancing and flirting and drinking and taking drugs. But then your babysitter calls. She’s calling to tell you your son is ill but you don’t answer it. You’re in the toilets snorting coke off a dirty sink. She calls again 10 minutes later but you miss it again. This time you’re downing your 8th shot of vodka. Again the sitter tries to call you but again you’re sniffing Coke in the back room of some seedy club. You’re friends are trashed and you’re off your face. The babysitter calls one last time and this time you answer it ..”your son has had a fit and has been taken to hospital. He needs his mum, can you get there?”.. Of course you can’t. Your son is critically ill and you were too busy getting drugged up and drunk to answer your phone! What kind of mother would turn up at the hospital in that state? What kind of mother puts drugs before her child? Your son needs you. But you needed drugs more. Now how do you feel? How would feel if you never saw your son again? Because of your own selfishness? Think about it…”
…”picture the scene; you’ve had a hard week at work, your Mrs is giving you grief and your daughter wants your non-stop attention. You feel suffocated. You need a release. You call your friends and arrange a night out. You get dressed but make a promise to your daughter that you’ll be home soon enough to tuck her in and wish her good night. The night is going well. You’re drinking and flirting and dancing and taking drugs. Cocaine follows beer, beef follows cocaine. You’ve had 8 pints and 4 lines already but you feel so great. Your Mrs calls to ask when you’ll be home. ..”just one more babe, promise”.: your daughter is crying because she misses you. She has a cold and just wants your comfort. You forget the call and carry on, another 4 pints and 2 lines later, you still haven’t gone home. But you don’t care. Someone offers you a new kind of drug, something very special that you’ve never tried before, you’re so far out of it that you don’t question it. You swallow the pill. Your daughter is crying because she thinks you don’t love her “where are you daddy?” she cries. She falls asleep clutching your jumper, sobbing into it as she wishes it was you. But you don’t know any of this because you, are dead! Your daughter cries for you while you lay on a dirty pub floor frothing from your mouth, blood dripping from your ears. Your selfishness has cost your little girl her daddy! How do you think she felt when you didn’t come home? When you broke your promise? Can you imagine what it would feel like to think you aren’t loved by your parent? And now you’re gone forever. Now she has no daddy, now she is alone, with only the thoughts of your rejection in her mind. What kind of father puts drugs before his child? What kind of man puts his life in danger for one selfish hit? What kind of husband doesn’t see how his actions effect his entire family?…”
You see, drugs effect everyone. Not just you or the person you’re doing them with. They effect your family, your friends. A mother might lose a son, a father might lose a daughter and a child might lose their parent. It is the most selfish thing a person can do.
This is why I don’t take drugs. Because all it takes is that one time. That one time for you to be dead. That one time for your child to be ill. That one time of selfishness can lead to a lifetime of regrets.
But what about drinking alcohol you might ask. Well let me tell you the “rules” that I apply on the vary rare occasion I do ever drink.
1. I very rarely do. I’ve drank alcohol 3 times in the past two years.
2. I always stay close to home, as in no more than a 15 minute walk away.
3. I NEVER drink to get drunk. And I always drink water in-between
4. Only a relative I trust looks after my children. Usually it’s Tom because we rarely go out together or its his mum.
5. I can always; remember my name, how much money I have left, what pub I’m in, how much I’ve drank and I can always
walk home safely and in a straight line.
You see, I go out to let my hair down and relax for a while I don’t go out to get drunk. Because no matter where I am or what I’m doing I am always a mother. If my phone rings; I answer it! If I’m offered something, I refuse. I’m always there for my children and I would never do anything that puts mine or their lives in danger.
Please think about the dangers of drugs and how the effect everyone around you.
Hayley-Jayne Xx
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