10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Food.
If it wasn’t for my high(ish) metabolism I’m pretty sure I’d be 60st with the amount I consume. Everyone knows, if I’m down, bored, miserable food is the answer. *extra cheese on that garlic pizza please, babe*
2. My Children.
As annoying as they are, they are wonderful. Eloise with her gossip about high school and her zest for life. Jordan and his random hugs and “I love you mom”. Charlie and his stupid puppy dog face and cheeky smiles, Edward and his overwhelming cuteness and affection. I mean what more could you want?
3. Tom.
He’s a knobhead sometimes but he’s my best friend. And there’s nothing I love more than seeing his stupid face come through the door. His ability to be annoying yet funny never fails to make me smile.
4. Tea.
I only really started drinking tea when I was pregnant with Edward but now it’s one of those daily things I look forward to. Tom makes me a tea every morning and as soon as he gets in from work, it’s literally two doses of pure happiness that I’m guaranteed every day.
5. Autumn/winter.
I’m absolutely not a summer person, If it was only ever autumn and winter I’d be one very happy woman. I love cold mornings, early dark nights, I love the bonfires, changing of leaves, pumpkins. The baking, stew cooking, cosy evenings by the fire. And of course, the build up to Christmas. Everything is just so much more chilled out in these months.
6. Christmas
Christmas makes me happy because I never had good ones as a child. And now there’s nothing better than seeing my own children’s faces at Christmas. When we do new things, like ice skating, visiting Santa, the Christmas markets, garden centres for trees and decorations and of course, Christmas Day itself. I do spoil them and they do have far too many presents. But seriously? There is no better feeling of happiness than seeing their faces when they see all their gifts under the tree.
7. Shopping.
I live for those days Tom says “wanna go to merry hill?” Hella yes I do! Because I bloody love shopping! I usually go to get things for myself but always end up with bags full of tat for the kids. One thing I never forget though is new socks. We all love socks in this house!
8. Yankee Candles.
Some of their autumn and winter scents are amazing and I love a candle lit room, it creates a cosy calm that makes everyone feel relaxed and happy. My favourite at the moment is frankenscence , it’s on of those fragrances that makes a house feel homely.
9. Hot Baths & Lush
Ahhh, what’s better than a nice long soak in the bath? Getting to do it in silence and dropping a Lush bath bomb in the water! I only save these kinds of pampering treats for a Friday evening when I know I have a 90% chance of being left alone for an hour. But that hour is heaven!
10. My Family.
God, we aren’t perfect to say the least. We have so much baggage between us all I’m surprised any of us have any room to breathe sometimes, but hey, that’s what’s makes a family great isn’t it? When you can get through anything together? And when you are together you feel whole? There is no greater happiness than family. No matter the situation or how messed up it may seem at times, family is everything. Our little house is filled with everything that makes a family wonderful, the imperfect perfectness of it all is what makes us great.
Hayley-Jayne Xx
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