A Half Term Holiday Day

**posting a bit late as it got lost in my drafts, oopps!**
Every knows I’m not a fan of school holidays, if I had my way, weekends and Christmas would be the only time kids had off from school.

It’s not that I don’t love spending time with my clan of over enthusiastic, sometimes batshit-crazy children because I do.
It’s the noise I can’t stand. And the sibling arguments that errupt WW3 at 7:30am every. single. day. Let’s not forget the mess, the chaos, the fact my fridge is empty by Tuesday and of course, the boredom. All the boredom.
Today is day 6. I’m bored, the kids are bored, even my house is f*cking bored of us being in it. And that’s the hard part for me;  what can I do with four children of various ages that don’t agree on sh*t, who all want a say in what we do, the weather is crap, funds are tight and I don’t drive?
The mom-guilt is especially high today. Guilt because the older two have spent two days playing the Xbox. Guilt because my 4 year old wants to go to soft play, every morning, guilt because the baby has only had the garden to play in. Guilt because actually, I’m feeling a bit shit. And I kinda just want to be left alone.
Sometimes? It can just be so hard to think of things to do every single day for two weeks straight, things that will keep them entertained and engaged that are also Purse friendly. That also don’t require too much travel.
You see, I don’t hate the holidays because I have to spend time with a bunch of snot-nosed, squabbling brats. It’s more because I feel so guilty that I can’t keep said brats entertained enough that they don’t make me wanna lose my shit. Mostly, I’m losing it at myself because I know they’d rather be doing something rather than just playing games. And I’m not always able to provide such entertainment. I feel sorry for them. And that kills me.
Next week? Well I’ve got a few things planned. Sort of. I mean maybe an Xbox day isn’t such a bad idea after all.
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