Easy No Carve Pumpkin Ideas - Blogtober Day 1

Sometimes, you just don’t want to get messy digging out the inners of a pumpkin on Halloween. Carving can be hella stressful, especially if children are involved and even more so if you accidentally make a mistake and take a kitties eye out – there’s no fixing that.
So, to be on the safer side this year, we gave our pumpkins a little twist by decorating them without a carving knife in sight.
The products we used were:
spray paint, £3.95 from Wilko (silver and white) black chalk paint, also Wilko, mod podge (£5 the range) and a range of glitters from hobbycraft.
Here’s how we did it:
Jack Skellington:
1. Spray on two, even coats of white paint spray paint, to cover the pumpkin
2. Using a felt tip pen, draw on the outline of the design.
3. Working on one area at a time and working top to bottom, cover the stem with mod podge and sprinkle on black glitter, tap off the excess and repeat with the other features of the face. Allow to dry fully.

4. Apply another layer of glue over the glitter, then add another layer of glitter.

5. Once both layers of glitter & glue are dry, apply one more coat of glue to seal the glitter in place.

6. Once everything is completely dry, dust off the remaining excess glitter and there you have it, a perfect pumpkin, ready to proudly display outside.

Below are some others you could try using goggle eyes, silver confetti and self-adhesive gems.

Hayley-Jayne Xx
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