10 Family Activities To Do On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an exciting time for children and parents alike but sometimes we can find ourselves with a spare hour or two where boredom kicks in and we want to keep the little ones entertained.

So I’ve put together this list of fun things you can do on Christmas Eve to make that count down to bedtime come around a little sooner. 

1. Host a movie night (or day) 
Pick you’re favourite festive films, some snacks and hot chocolates and gather around the living room in cosy blankets with the fire on and some scented candles lit around the room. Getting cosy will bring all the festive vibes and a good movie will get the children super excited for Christmas Day! 

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2. Visit Santa’s Grotto. 
Some of my best memories with my children on Christmas Eve have been when we’ve taken them to see a Santa Claus at a grotto. There’s just something super magical about visiting a grotto in this special day and it gets the children in a super festive mood. It also kills a few hours out of your day so time moves a little quicker for them, which is always nice when they realise it’s nearly bedtime. 

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3. Start a Christmas Eve box tradition.
We’ve been doing this since Eloise and Jordan were little and it’s something we do every year without fail. I fill the boxes with new pyjamas, festive socks, some sweets, a Christmas card, a bath bomb, Christmas crackers and either a Christmas book or a movie. It’s something that the children absolutely love and look forward too and it wouldn’t be Christmas in our house without it. 

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4. Bake Christmas Cookies.
We always bake the cookies we plan to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. It makes them all the more special and children love the idea of making something for Santa all by themselves. Again this is something that can be done to fill a dead space hour in the day and is a perfect rainy day activity if the weather isn’t so great for heading outside. 

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5. Go For a walk in the wood. 
This is another activity we usually do on Christmas Eve to pass the time. Normally we’ll go after lunch and before settling down to watch a movie. It’s good to get the children out in the fresh air to burn some of that pre-Christmas day energy. 

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6. Do some last minute shopping. 
If you’re feeling brave, getting out to do some last minute shopping can actually be really productive. I’ve done this a few years and I always find I can buy lots of extra little gifts at ridiculously low prices. It’s also a good time to buy and foods you might have forgotten or little extra luxuries like a cooked ham and extra pigs in blankets. Pretty much every single shop will have a reduced section on Christmas Eve so it’s always worth a trip out if you can brave the crowds. 

7. Make some extra decorations. 
Making Paper chains is a great activity for Christmas Eve, children love it! Let them decorate different parts of the house with them such as windows or even the ceiling. Decorating on Christmas Eve such a festive and fun way to spend time together while waiting for Santa to arrive. 

You can see how to make these paper chains by clicking HERE

8. Visit Friends or Family to hand deliver Christmas cards. We often pop round to see various people on Christmas Eve, especially those older relitives that find it hard to get out of the house. We stay for a cup of tea and chit chat and wish them a merry Christmas. It’s always nice to see people on this special day and let them know you’re thinking of them. 
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9. Drive around the town to look at the Christmas lights. This has to be one of my all time favourite things to do with the children. After opening our Christmas Eve boxes, having a nice hot bath and getting wrapped up in their new pyjamas, we’ll get everyone in the car and drive around the town to look at the Christmas lights. The younger ones absolutely love it and it’s the perfect activity before getting into bed. They are sleepy from the drive yet excited at Santa’s arrival even more. There’s something super magical about seeing Christmas lights that makes everyone feel joyful. 

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10. Watch a personalised video from Santa! 
Again, this is another tradition that never fails to bring Christmas cheer. We absolutely love The Portable North Pole - you can create personalised videos for your child from Santa Claus himself. They can talk about all sorts of things including their name, age, what gifts they like, if they’ve been naughty or nice and the whole video is beautifully set. There are so many options to chose from you can make it as truly personal and unique as you like. I make our videos a few weeks before Christmas so they’re ready for us to watch together on Christmas Eve. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect day. 

You can check out the PNP and create your own video by clicking HERE

If you have any more Christmas Eve ideas please let me know by sending me and email, commenting on this post or following me on Instagram (@hayleyjayneblog) and joining the discussion.



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