24 Things I Love About Christmas

Let’s kick off Blogmas Day 1 with a simple 24 Things I love About Christmas…
1. Hot Chocolate, Whipped cream and mini marshmallows in my favourite festive mug..
2. The German Market in Birmingham. It’s probably the closet I’ll ever get to being abroad and I love the festive atmosphere, the cute little wooden huts full of over priced tat. It’s what dreams are made of.
3. Huge Christmas trees. Growing up I had a 3ft tree from the 50s with minimal decorations. I hated it and longed for a huge 8ft beast of my very own. These days, no tree is too big.
4. Mince pies. The smell alone brings about all the festive feels.
5. Garden centres. They’re full to the brim of sparkle, glitz and glam decorations and often have the best grotto in the town.
6. Beauty gift sets. I love them, I would honestly be happy if I was gifted with 30 different sets at Christmas – did someone say 3 for 2 at boots?!
7. Shopping for gifts. Some people hate it, I love it. I love spoiling my family – and they deserve every penny I spend.
8. Festive homewear. If it was socially acceptable I would 100% have my house kitted out in festive throws and scatter cushions for 365 days of the year. I mean, what’s not to love about snowmen on the duvet?
9. Candles. Ok, I confess: I’m a candle junky. I’m obsessed with anything Yankee and Jo Malone. Besides, there’s nothing more comforting than cuddling up by candle light. 
10. Decorating the Christmas tree. I have several trees in my house but the big one is mine! I spend roughly 4-6 hours making sure my tree is perfect, god help anyone who dares go near it! For me, tree decorating is a therapy session to de stress & relax.
11. Christmas crackers. Again, as a child these weren’t allowed, fair enough they are stupid money for what they are but Christmas just isn’t Christmas without crackers and their flimsy paper hats.
12. Dark cosy nights with just the glow of the tree. I’m telling ya’ nothing makes me feel more at home than the cosyness of Christmas.
13. Everyone is happy! So many people moan about Christmas creeping up on us earlier and earlier but really? You all love it! Everyone is so much happier around the festive season – sharing love and joy.
14. Party’s! I love the Razzel dazzle of Christmas, all those perfect festive dresses, the sparkly heels and cute as hell clutch bags. I love getting dressed up any time of the year but there just something about Christmas that makes it extra special.
15. The Food. ALL the glorious food! At no other time of the year can you buy such welcoming tempting treats. And I’m not just talking about your 3 for 2 selection boxes, but everything from fancy cheese, snazzy wine to baskets of festive nuts and delicious artisan desserts are on sale and I just can’t get enough!
16. The prettiness of it all. Be honest, there’s no other time of year where your town looks so pretty & nice. Everything from the street lights, the shop windows and the big tree in the town centre just makes everything look so much, better! And less, well, boring.
17. The possibility of actual, real snow. A white Christmas is the stuff of dreams, isn’t it? We all hope we’ll wake up on Christmas morning to a thick blanket of crisp white snow. Granted, it never happens but at least it’s slightly more possible that we’ll see some in December than in the middle of July.
18. Gift Wrapping. I dunno, there’s just something therapeutic about sitting in a cosy, dim lit room with gift paper, bows & several rolls of sellotape. With each gift I wrap, I think about the joy it will bring to my children’s faces on Christmas morning.
19. All The Crafts. I know crafting is the marmite between mums, you either love it or hate it. Me? I’m allll over it. I truly do love making things with the kids, especially at Christmas. Something as simple as card making can get the whole family together and it adds an extra special touch to all those gifts we’ll be giving out.
20. The Events. Christmas is a time filled with events going on almost every day from mid November onwards. You’ve got the book fairs at school, Christmas town markets, lights switch on, discos at your kids after school clubs, the school Xmas fair, trips to see Santa and of course, visiting family. It’s such a busy time of year and I think that’s why I love it so much.
21. Family time. With all of these comes the most important thing; spending time with your family. And family time is so important. We don’t get much of it in our day to day lives but Christmas has that magical ability to bring everyone together.
22. Late Night Shopping! God bless those stores and shopping centres that open later during December! Now, my other half doesn’t have to rush home from work so we won’t miss the 7pm closing, now we can stroll through Primark at 9pm & STILL have an hour to grab a box of Krispy Kremes on the way out. And that must have toy we definitely forgot!
23. Christmas Movie Marathons. Is there anything better than watching back-to-back home alone? The polar express? Frosty the snowman? Whilst being cosy on your cough with all of your loved ones?
24. That Christmas Morning Magic. It’s literally what I live for – all the stress, the money & the worry is all worth it to see the excitement on my children’s faces. I love Christmas Eve night, getting cosy in new pjs, drinking hot chocolate, leaving a carrot & mince pie out for Santa & his reindeer. The pure joy in my children’s heart that Santa is finally coming! I love getting them into bed nice and early and sneaking all the gifts under the tree and placing them just so. I love that 5am wake up call where their eyes are wide and bright and they’re so full of energy. If I could bottle Christmas magic and revisit it every day of the year, I definitely would. 

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