Ways To Save Money On Christmas 2018

Don’t worry if you’ve already started buying gifts for your family and friends, there’s still time to save yourself some money in the run up to Christmas with these easy tips.

1. Be Realistic with your spending. If you find yourself tempted to buy that extra gift on a credit card because you don’t have the cash, then don’t buy it! No one wants to be going into new year with debt letters arriving on their door step. If you can’t afford to pay for it out right, don’t buy it. 

2. Keep to your budget. If you’ve set a budget this year, stick to it. Do not over spend beyond your means, no matter how much you think Aunt Morean will love that sewing kit! If by chance you realise you’ve got more cash than you thought, keep it. Either save it up for a rainy day or treat your family in the new year. 

3. Don’t buy new decorations just because they’re there. Temptation is so hard to surpress this time of year and one of the main reasons people end up spending more than they wanted to is because of decorations! Yes they’re pretty and you think they’ll look great on your tree, but is it necessary? If the answer is no, then step away from them. Your Christmas won’t be ruined because you don’t have those must have super flowers, but it will be if you run out of cash! 

4. Be careful with your food shopping. Sometimes I think people forget we still have to do a weekly food shop in the weeks leading up to Christmas and they don’t account for this in their budgets. So be careful not to overspend in the supermarket, especially with all of those tempting chocolate treats available. You could also save money by working out a weekly meal plan so you know exactly what you need. 

5. Remember. The shops are only closed for 1 day over Christmas, YOU WILL NOT RUN OUT OF FOOD! when doing your Christmas food shop, you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds more than you normally would. Be frugal and work out exactly what you need by going through your kitchen and seeing what you’ve already got. If you’ve already got 3 boxes of stuffing, chances are, you don’t need any more. 

6. Limit the gifts or think smaller. If you find yourself always buying gifts for every member of your family, try cutting back this year by crossing people off and only buying smaller gifts for those you chose to keep. For example, this year we’ve decided we’re not buying for our sibling but we will buy for the children, however, instead of a gift of say £10 each were just giving a selection box instead. For our family that’s a saving of almost £70 we’ve also decided we’re not buying gifts for teachers, school friends, the PTA or neighbors, again that’s another saving of roughly £50. Also, myself and Tom have decided not to buy for each other this year, instead, we’re going to book our 2019 holiday in January - again, the savings here are easily £400-£500 between us. 

7. Use plain brown packaging paper and ribbon to wrap your gifts. A roll of 5m brown paper can be bought for as little as £1 and ribbon is super cheap in the likes of The Range or Wilko. Festive paper adorned with pretty pictures can easily set you back £6 for 3m and gift tags are as costly as £3 for 4 tags! Check out Pinterest for some great wrapping ideas for plain paper. And not only will you be saving cash, but also saving the environment too! 

8. Scale down the traditions. Such as advent calendars. I’ve been guilty in the past of thinking my children’s Christmas wouldn’t be complete without one of those toy advent calendars, every year I’ve spent between £70-£100 on 4 so this year we’re sticking to just the chocolate kind. Things like elf on the shelf can also make costs go up; last year I saw people actually buying extra gifts to give on random days, special foods for the elf’s surprise “breakfast” it’s simply unnecessary spending that could be better spent on other things. 

9. Shop around if you’re buying gift sets. Or anything! No joke: the lynx gift sets range from £6 to £1.50 - it all depends where you shop so look around first before impulse buying. Same with Toys; Argos seem to have gone mental with their prices this year but Smyths seem to have all the best deals. For example: The Pie Face Canon Game in Argos was £26.99 just last week but in Smyths it was £9.99! That’s a massive £17 difference. It really does pay to take things slowly and look around for the best deals. 

10. Make some quick cash by selling on Facebook Market Place. It’s like an online carboot of people stuff they no longer want. It’s great for making a few extra quid. Plus, you can list things as collection only so you don’t even have to pay postage costs or put in extra fuel to deliver anything. You’ll probably make less money selling on here than say, eBay but the cash is well, cash and you get it a lot quicker than waiting for transfers. 


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