Being A Mom Means

1. Sometimes having to spend two days in the same clothes covered in sick, pee and baby porridge.
2. Living half your life in the doctors surgery as your kids drop like flies, one after the other with mysterious illnesses.
3. Surrendering your morning cuppa so the kids can have the last of the milk for their cereal.
4. Wasting your time preparing a lovely summer garden picnic because all they really wanted was a bag of greasy chips
5. Sharing your bed with your toddler as he wonders in at 3am just to pee on you, then leave.
6. Not updating your wardrobe for three years because every three months you’re updating your children’s.
7. Never having a bath in peace because ALL of the children in the house need to poop at the exact moment you get in to soak.
8. Repeating your days over and over and getting confused about why the ENTIRE house is a mess AGAIN after you spent 9 hours cleaning it just yesterday.
9. Constantly being skint – just when pay day arrives so does several letters from the school asking for yet more money for yet more school trips/fundraising events/PTA requests.
10. Sitting on the loo for 15 extra minutes once you’ve had a pee just to get a 17 minute break from the crazy.
11. Having the ability to break up fights with just a serious-face-frown eye glance.
12. Sometimes, completely losing your shit and seriously wishing you were a 21 year old childless, single woman doing promo work in Ibiza.
13.Every time you sit down to write your blog, your baby wakes up screaming, with an extra smelly poop in his nappy.
14. Learning to enjoy cold cups of tea, because this is your life now, it doesn’t get better.
15. Sacrificing your best scarf on a cold day to wipe sick & snot from your toddlers face.
16. Pushing a buggy one way while your toddler pulls in backwards as he holds on.
17. Never getting any work done when you have a child under the age of one, you’re far too busy looking at his beautiful face mesmerized that you created something so adorable yet so annoying. In a super cute, adorable way.
18. Not getting to enjoy that “Friday feeling” instead you dread the weekend – a whole 48 hours of non stop sibling rivalry is repeated every Friday-Sunday.
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