Drab To Fab Mom Makeup

Generally I’m pale, make up free with long messy hair. Being a mum is tough and when you have four children to get ready for 8:25am, there’s not a lot of time left for applying makeup.
Trouble is, I love makeup and leaving the house without it can make me quite sad! I don’t use it to make myself more attractive or so people look at me different, I use it for me, because it makes ME feel good. Being able to apply makeup in a morning and still get the kids to school on time? Well that’s an achievement right there before they day has even begun!
So here’s how I go from drab to fab(ish) in under 20 minutes…
This is me, first thing in the morning. My partner is full of insults about my ghostly appearance! In a funny way though, there’s no hate here, it’s all love… Anyway, I’m very much a normal looking mum; bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, pale skin, wrinkles and pores from stress, even spots and freckles. My hair is 90% a lost cause.
Here’s the kit I used this morning, some of these are favorites some are new products. They’re all pretty well priced and don’t require a lot of work to apply. I have: Top from left: Sleek eyeshadow palette in Au Natural, B. Eyebrow kit, Sleek highlight palette. Middle: L’Oreal infallible sculpt contour palette, Soap and Glory eyeliner, eco tools brushes (except the last one which was a freebie with a cheap contour palette) L’Oreal infallible sculpt blush. Bottom: Barry M molten metals and Gelly hi shine, MUA matte perfect primer, Benefit Roller Lash mascara, Bourjois Air Mat foundation, MUA bronzer and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Party Pink. 
Here’s the results: fresher, cleaner (a little more alive!) and obviously a lot more presentable for a meeting with my sons teacher.
I start with a primer, followed by foundation, a little contour, blush and then a translucent powder. Next I do my brows then eyes, finishing off with a colour pop on my lips. Nude shades just don’t suit me (well I haven’t found one that does) so bright colours are my go-to shades with a subtle eye. Hair straightened out and left down. Done! (Yes, I’m fully awake I need to do my roots 🙈)
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