How To Create A Little Me Time

If there’s one thing I love and look forward to, it’s my weekly pamper night. Without it, I simply wouldn’t get any “me time” at all. It’s the one night a week I make sure I’m spending time on just myself, not the kids or Tom or the house, just me.
I like to think of it like a recharge from the crazy of the week that’s past. A chance to forget about it and move on.
Here is my ritual for my at home mum spa. Pictures and links to where I get my products down below. If you have any tips on creating your perfect at home spa, let me know in the comments.
1. Pick a day.
I normally choose Friday, I can send the kids to bed early to watch Netflix and Tom can look after the little ones. Friday is usually take-away night too so that gives me even more time with less rushing.
2. Create a calm.
I feed the kids, do any remaining chores, get everyone ready for bed and settle everyone with something to do. Then I’ll tidy my bedroom; laying out fresh pjs, socks and a fluffy dressing gown. Light a couple of scented candles and close the blinds. I also set out a few treats like mini chocolates, my nail polishes and perhaps a glass of wine for when I’m out of the bath.
3. Spa Out The Bathroom
I gather up all of my favourite products; including shampoo and conditioner. I normally use a Lush shower gel or jelly, some form of body scrub or brush, a face wash, face scrub. Fresh towels are a must as well as scented candles or an oil burner . Close the blinds to block out day light.
4. The Bath.
My favourite bit. I’m bat-shit-crazy about Lush bath bombs and my Friday night pamper just wouldn’t be the same without one! I also crumble in a little bubble bar (again, from Lush) and maybe a little bath essence – I love the Mandara Spa range.
5. And Relax.
Turn on Spotify and chill out to your favorite music. I have a “Spa Day” Playlist full of joyful relaxing tunes. Sometimes I’ll browse eBay, do a bit of online window shopping or do absolutely nothing at all for the first 10 minutes. Then I’ll give my hair and body a full MOT. I love face and body scrubs, Dr brandet is my absolute fave.
6. Treat Time.
Give your hands and feet a little treat by sprucing up your nails with some fresh polish. Smother a scented body lotion or butter all over arms, legs and tums followed by a spritz of body spray or mist. I never brush my hair when it’s wet, instead I gently style my parting with my fingers and leave to dry naturally.
7. Dress To De-stress.
Ooh, there’s nothing better than sliding your feet into fresh socks and pulling on fresh pjs and an oversized, super soft dressing gown. This is my ultimate in comfort. Now, go sit on the couch, indulge in a Netflix marathon and drink some Gin.
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