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The Lazy Moms Guide To An Evening Beauty Routine

Sometimes, us moms just don’t have the time (or spare f*cks to give) to be worrying about a complicated Evening beauty routine. With so many products on the market right now, it can be hard to know what to do for the best, especially when all you really want to do, is to forget about the 12 hour old makeup melting off your face and just pig out on pizza.
So here’s my Lazy Moms Guide To an Evening Beauty Routine.
1. Deal with the hair.
Yes, we really should wash it and it’s in desperate need of a hydrating moisture mask but tonight? Fuck it! Wack that frizzy, back-combed-for-3-days, slightly graying, still hoarding biscuit crumbs hair into a top-of-the-head hot bun mess. You can deal with it tomorrow. Maybe.
2. Pronto makeup removal.
No mom wants to wake up on a school run morning with a worse case skin breakout than her teenage daughter, so make some effort here, well, sort of. This softening foaming gel from La Roche-Posay is a wondrous face wash that eliminates all traces of makeup without the need to double cleanse (well for me it does) pat dry with that slightly damp towel your other half no doubt left on the floor after his shower.
3. Get Yo Comfys On.
Those 2 day old legging could really do with being washed now, make the cut and part with them (yes I know, leggings are LIFE!) slip into a night shirt and wrap yourself up in your favourite dressing gown. Don’t forget some comfy socks. Preferably those fluffy knitted ones you got for Christmas. Or your husbands. (Why do men always have better socks?…)
4. Sleep Prep.
No time for 10 layers of fancy serums and posh night creams? No problem! Get yourself some of Marks and Spencer’s Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream and let it do the hard work for you, while you sleep. Trust me, it’s amazing. So much so it actually has a 7000 person strong waiting list when it goes out of stock. Be quick ladies. Side note: if you’re feeling particularly brilliant spritz on a light fragrance; I love L’eau De Rose
5. Sit down to watch Odd Mom Out with a curry made by your other half using a cheap tikka jar sauce. Sorted.
Hayley-Jayne Xx
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