Things Moms Do To Make Life Easier With A Baby

Because when a baby has cried non stop for the past 15 hours, you’ll do anything to get them to stop! (Just look at that happy face!)

Babies, lovely adorable creatures you can’t help but swoon over. Unfortunately, being a mum means you don’t always get the time to spend 13 hours staring at your chubby bundle. And they’re not always the most accommodating when you have a shit load of house work to do. So here are 6 things mums do (but probably shouldn’t) with babies to make life easier ..
1. Stash baby in the bath while cleaning the rest of the bath room
 Sometimes I give him tooth brushes to play with, but he’s usually most impressed with the overflow knob.
2. Let them play with your make up while you put your face on 

Have you ever tried applying eyeliner when a baby is screaming at you/Pulling your hair/Snot-dribbling down your shoulder? It’s impossible, trust!
3. Give them your dinner for 10 minutes of non-crying peace.

4. Let them nap in your bed. When nap time options come down to 20 minutes in the cot or an hour in mums bed – I’ll always choose the bed!
5. Sit them on the couch with a tablet
don’t worry, he’s not into “mad YouTube lady” just yet, he just flings it around and drools on it. Handy for when you have to sweep the floor before the health visitor turns up though.
6. Give them giant rock lollies so you can prepare dinner
He’s so quiet! Honestly, it’s heaven. I don’t care if I regret it later when he’s on a sugar high, the kid is silent!
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