10 Things I Love About My Other Half

Although sometimes kinda useless, he is a gem. And sometimes? I guess I don’t give him enough credit so I’m the spirit of Valentines Day, here are 10 things I love about my slightly mad other-half…
1. He makes a beautiful cuppa. Like the kind you actually look forward to because it’s damn near perfect. I also get them without asking for one which is like, the dream! 
2. That he works ridiculously hard. Literally nothing keeps this man down and he will do anything and everything for us. He works damn hard every single day to give us a great life. 
3.  Everything is a joke. Or he turns everything into a joke. He doesn’t take life too serious, in fact nothing really fazes him. And even when it does? He always sees the funny side. Where as I always have a mind full of crap he has a “no-fucks-given” attitude to everything. I love that.
4. He’s super chill. Due to his no-fucks-given life, he’s incredibly chilled out. He never loses his temper or gets in a mood. Always fooling around and being a goof. I know that if I need some chill of my own? He’ll always be there to give me some of his.
5. Generous is his middle name. Never have I met anyone who is incapable of saying the word “no” when I ask for something. New perfume? He’ll get it. Spontaneous shopping trip? He’ll pay. If I need extra help financing school trips or sports supplies for the kids, he always saves me.
6. He’ll help anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 in the morning or 10 at night, if anyone needs his help, he’ll be there. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve told him to stop running around after everyone but he still does it anyway. 
7. He wants me to succeed. He’s always encouraging me to write and do whatever I want to. And if I hit a stumbling block he’ll try to find a way around it. Lack of time to write? He sorted me a babysitter for Thursdays and even offered to have the kids on weekends so I could crack on in peace.
 8. His Humour. I mean even if I’m bat-shit-crazy stressing he’ll make me laugh. He is infectious, you just can’t help but be happy around him. He’s a total knob-head 90% of the time but in the most loveable way, not an arsehole way. He’s impossible to get mad at because he’ll just make you see the funny side to any situation. 
9. He Lets Me Be Me.  Not once has he ever tried to change me. He’s never told me I can or cannot do certain things, he’s never complained about my friends, my dress sense or even my career path. He’s 100% supportive in everything. But most importantly, he gives me independence; if I want to spend a weekend alone in a log cabin – he’d book it and send me on my way. No questions asked. He gives me freedom for anything and everything.
10. He makes me feel safe. This is so important and probably the main reason why I love him so much. There’s no place I’d rather be than wrapped in his arms. It’s the one place and time where I know I’m truly safe. Safe from the world, my past and even my own thoughts. It’s like being at peace with everything and nothing can bother me there. It’s a feeling I can’t find the words to explain its true depth and meaning but it’s a feeling I’ve only ever got with him. 
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