My First Valentines Day

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is a bit of a sham really isn’t it? I mean, it is essentially just a day for stores to push out a different range of novelty tat and pressure you into spending ridiculous amounts of money on your significant-other just to show them you love them.
Personally, I’d rather declare my love on our anniversary. It’s more personal with less pressure and no one really wants a box of socks or heart covered boxers…Do they?
However, seeing as I’ll be turning 30 this year and currently going through some kind of mid life crisis, I’ve decided that this year I want to celebrate everything, including Valentines. I think I’ve officially lost my shit.
I usually hate Valentines Day, yet as with everything else lately, I feel like I’ve been missing out. And this year I want a piece of it. Maybe it would be nice to be taken out for a romantic meal or surprised with a bunch of roses and chocolates. Maybe I would actually like a candle lit bath or home cooked meal for two? Maybe, just maybe I’d really like a Pandora Charm or a snazzy fragrance gift set. Or more specifically, I’d like all the things every mother really wants – Tea, A Hot Bath and Sleep!
I told my other half that I wanted to celebrate Valentines this year but I’m not holding my breath for him to remember. He’s great an’ all but kinda useless when it comes to remembering anything remotely important. But still, that doesn’t stop me showing him some V-Day loving.
So I’ve got it all planned out. Nothing special, just a simple home affair. But it does include a candle lit bath, a home cooked meal for two and of course, a fragrance gift set. There might even be some heart shaped chocolates thrown in there two.
So although I’m not expecting anything and I’m not usually a fan of this over commercialised day, I will be celebrating it just so I can say I did. One of two things will happen by the end of it.
A) the other half would have remembered and I’ll want to celebrate every year for the rest of my life or B) it will only confirm what I already knew, that Valentines Day is a huge pile of pink fakery sh*t that actually make me want to Vom.
I want to assure you and everyone else out there that you can not show someone you love them by buying them gifts. With the only exception being an engagement ring. So I didn’t just buy gifts to show love, more to show appreciation for all my other-half does for us. A “Thank You” if you like. And everyone likes a little treat now and then, right?
This Diesel Tattoo gift set is £26 in Debenhams – the Ferrero Rocher chocolates (his favourite) are £4 in Tesco
He loves jumpers, and has been after a blue one for a couple of weeks so I got him this one from Next, at £26 it’s actually a bargain.
Of course, there are also some heart shaped chocolates, a chocolate rose, a cheesy-as-hell card, rose petals, candles and some Bath goodies from the Lush Valentinesrange that are going to be used in my Valentines surprise.
And you know what? Im actually looking forward to spoiling him on Tuesday. He does deserve it. And I’m sure he already knows I love him dearly, after all, I’ve put up with his useless forgetful brain for the past 5 years, so that’s gotta mean something, right?
Whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s wonderful. Even if that means Netflix and actual chill with a mircowave meal deal. We don’t need one day in the calendar to show our love for our partners, we love them every day – even without the cards & chocolates.
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