What It's Really Like To Be In A Non Argumentative Relationship

Of course, there are some slight disagreements, because no one is perfect but have you ever wondered what it might be like to be in a relationship where there are no arguments?
It’s very rare, that you meet someone who is just like you. Someone who has the same outlook on life, the same beliefs and passions, the same don’t-give-a-shit attitude. So if you ever do meet them, snap them up and marry them yesterday. It’ll be the greatest relationship you’ll ever get.
My friends often moan about the arguments they’ve had with their other-halves, how they’ve gone to bed annoyed with them or didn’t give them a kiss goodbye in the morning. Sometimes, I’m a little smug inside because I don’t have to deal with any of that. We don’t argue!
We can both be pretty miserable, stubborn people Tom and I, but we simply don’t have time in our lives for petty arguments. And I love it. I’m safe in the knowledge that a trip to the beach won’t end with us having a row about ending up in the wrong destination. We won’t lose our shit and blame each other if all 4 kids suddenly need to pee at the side of the road and should we get lost? We’d laugh at how stupid we both are, that between us we can’t work a sat-nav.
I’ve got no worries over family occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, I know, no matter how stressful our day gets, we won’t lose our shit at each other. In fact, we’d probably both hide in the garage for 10 minutes and let the carnage unfold of its own accord before putting on our war face and tackling it head on, together.
Don’t get me wrong, we can have disagreements. Tom can do some pretty dumb shit and it’s inevitable that I won’t agree with everything. But even if I am in a huff he’ll fix it almost immediately. Usually with a cup of his delicious hot tea. Or by turning the situation into a joke.
Laughter is what keeps us going, what makes every problem seem silly and insignificant. I’ll moan at him for being a slob and he’ll say something like “I’m in the process of that, but first, do you want a cup of tea?” Immediately I’ve forgotten about the pile of dirty socks on the bathroom floor.
Or if I’m in a major losing-my-shit melt down over a stressful day, the kind where I don’t even wanna be near any human, he’ll swoop me up in a firemans lift and spin me around until I’m dizzy and almost peeing myself with laughter.
It’s so brilliant to know that when he gets home from work, no matter how hard his day, he won’t take his frustration out on any of us. He’ll still put a smile on his face and put the kettle on. It’s tradition.
It’s lovely to know that every night ends with “I love you” and every morning begins the same. Our lives are a chaotic shit-show at best but we always try to keep it sane between us.
I think any relationship is capable of being argument free, you just have to see the funny side and let things go. I’m lucky that I found someone who was so much like me; a bit of a carefree spirit, doesn’t give a shit what people think of them, prefer staying home to going out, believes life is too short to be battling through arguments every day, a stupid sense of humour and we both consider a trip to Primark a real date. We never drink alcohol in the house (or even out of it seeing as we rarely go out) we don’t do drugs, we instil the same morals to the children and we treat everyone the same.
Life is too short to live in a miserable relationship when you never know where the next argument is coming from, it’s refreshing to be with someone that even when the day is as cloudy and grey as the sky’s in winter, the sun is still always shining within us. 
Hayley-Jayne Xx
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