A Cheats Guide To Perfect Easter Cupcakes

As much as I sometimes love baking with my kids, I am epically shit at getting a cake batter to rise. I’ve tried every variation of every recipe going and I still can’t get it right! 
So do you know what I do? I cheat. 
Oh yes! There is a way to make perfect cupcakes with zero stress and minimal effort and all it takes is a box of pre-made cake mixture. I’ve no idea why I spent so long trying to create my own batter when I could have quite literally just bought it. 

And here it is, the Tesco Vanilla Cupcake Kit, 290g.  Bloody genius! And at only £1.45, it’s a lot cheaper than buying cake-making ingredients separately. #Winning 
It includes; cake batter mix, icing sugar, sprinkles and cake-cases. I promise, it is so easy to do, it’s almost impossible to fuck up. So, 
  • 1. Add the batter mix to a bowl with the required milk then mix in an egg. Done.
  • 2. Spoon equal amounts into the cake-cases (that are preferably in a cupcake tin) transfer to the oven then watch them rise. Like actually rise! 
  • 3. Once completely cooled, make the icing by adding the icing sugar to a bowl and mixing with the required amount of butter.
  • 4. Spoon or pipe (if you wanna be a bit fancy) the icing on to the cupcakes, add the included sprinkles and some additional mini eggs. 
  • 5. Alternatively, if you want to up your decorating game, swap the included icing for a pouch of Dr. Oetker Ready To Use Easy Icing, 80p for 100g. 

And there you have it, (almost) professional looking Cupcakes that came straight out of a box with zero faff! You’re welcome! Now go knock the socks of those PTA moms when you rock up with your batch for the Easter bake sale. 
Hayley Jayne Xx


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