Dear Instagram Friends

All 20k+ of you.

Firstly I want to say thank you. Thank you for just being you. For being the refreshing honesty that all of us need to bring us back down to earth.
Thank you for the support you’ve shown for my #savehayleysmugs and #getyourmugsout campaign, it’s so lovely to know I’m not the only crazed female that enjoys a cheesy novelty mug with a other half who hates them. Thank you for all the #muglove.
Thank you for the support you shown to my father after seeing the state his house is left in. A state that I regularly had to rectify. It’s because of you that he felt a little bit of extra joy in his final months and because of you that I managed to get him some extra home help. So thank you.
Thank you for all of your comfort and support during the hardest year of my life; my dad passing, my niece getting taken into care and of course, when Charlie had appendicitis. It’s so lovely to know that in times of great struggle there are people out there that support and encourage you. None of you really know me but you all allowed me into your hearts and made me feel so very welcome. So thank you! 

I remember when I joined Instagram around 2 years ago, with a goal of reaching 500 followers after 6 months. I was so happy when I did. People were actually finding me and enjoying my pictures. Almost immediately, Instagram gave me a sense of community and belonging. Something I don’t think I have ever felt before. Then my account kept on growing and it was wonderful. People were now starting to read my blog, join in with my Facebook page, interact with my life on a whole new level. And then suddenly, it stopped.
Instagram and Facebook both changed their feed to a new algorithm. An algorithm which prioritises posts from close friends and family rather than the pages and accounts you like. So although you might see 23 pictures of your sisters lunch or Bob from HRs #gymlife selfies, you won’t be seeing much of the content you actually enjoy (unless of course, you do like #gymlife bob and your sisters avocado halves). This includes everyone, not just mine. Particularly those accounts that run on a business profile.
So why don’t you switch back? I hear you ask. Well, there are many benefits of having a business profile, they include being able to add links to my story’s, give my contact information in my bio and of course, it allows me to check my stats and insights. I’ve tried switching back and it just wasn’t viable nor did it do much to boost my engagement.
So here’s something I would like to ask of you, Dear Instagram Friends, if you enjoy my page, like my account and relate to my photos and posts, then please, interact with them. Like, comment, share. Anything you fancy. Do you watch my stories? Send me a reply, even just an emoji. Why? Because the more you interact, the more likely you are to see my future posts.
It can be so disheartening when people message to ask where I’ve gone, why they’re not seeing my posts anymore and of course, watching my engagement go down daily.
I’m not a big account. In fact, I’m a very tiny fish in an extremely big, over populated pond. But I love this pond and I love my fellow fish. I would hate to have to leave it all behind one day.
Much Love,
Hayley-Jayne xx


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