Hotel Chocolat: Easter Basket Fillers

You all know by now how much I love the chocolates at Hotel Chocolat so it was inevitable that I’d do a post on some of their Easter range.
I chose to do some basket fillers because I couldn’t bring myself to let an extra thick Egg go to waste if the kids decided to smash it on the floor. So here’s what we picked up this week.
Elizapeck Speckled Eggs £5.50
Cute mini bags of milk praline eggs in a crispy shell. Perfect size for small toddler hands or as a little treat for mom.
Egg on Toast Lick £1.95
We bought these last year as they made the perfect little gift for baby Edward. We also add them to bunches of flowers to create a little something extra for family members.
 Caramel City Bunnies £5.50
I love these far too much. Honestly, their caramel chocolate is literally the best thing ever. Again, these are the perfect size for small hands or handy for nibbling at your desk.

Elizapeck & Wooliam Tiddly Pots £2 Each
Little pots of chocolate drops, Perfect for adding to an easter hamper for little ones, just the right amount for a sweet snack for children.

Elizapeck & Wooliam Character Gift £6.50 Each
A great alternative to a chocolate bunny, these gifts come with a charming chocolate character and a matching Tiddly Pot. Great price too!

A dozen quail egglets £10
This one is a bit more of a grown up gift but would also make a great treat for older children. 12 little chocolates filled with Caramel, pralines and simple truffles. The Vanilla is divine.
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